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3528 Marseille LN, Hazel Crest, IL 60429 | email: info@chicagolandsministerialalliance.com | call: (708) 252-5245
Statement Of Mission
We will Worship God in the fullest of our being, endeavoring to enter into the future of His pressence
We will, by all means possible, Evangelize our community and the world, Nuturing and Discipling new believers toward spiritual maturity
We will earnestly and fervently Pray with expectant faith, believing that prayer is the impetus behind every spiritual movement
We will build Relationships with our community and within the ministry, endeavoring to love our neighbor as ourselves
We will hold forth the Word of God as the foundation for doctrinal expression as well as the source of Divine guidance and verification of all truth
We will unashamedly pursue the Baptism of the Holy Spirit & Refilling of The Holy Spirit so that we can continue to serve with Power from on high
Always Being Loyal To One Another
Spiritual Well Being Includes Body, Soul & Spirit
 * The Bible Is Inspired By God*
* There Is Only One True God *
* The Lord Jesus Christ Is Fully God *
* The Fall Of Mankind *
* The Salvation Of Mankind *
* The Ordinances Of The Church *
* The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit *
 * Sanctification *
* The Church And Its Mission *
* The Ministry *
* Divine Healing *
* The Blessed Hope *
* The Millenial Reign Of Christ *
* The Final Judgment *
* The New Heaven & The New Earth *
We Help Ministers & Ministries:
   * Secure Finances
   * Secure Resources
   * Secure Supplies
We Provide Two Tiers Of Credentials:
   * License To Preach
   * Certificate Of Ordination
We Offer Accredited Biblical Academic Programs For Christians Who Are Called To Enter The Christian Academic Process.
 Core Values
 Nothing Happens Without Prayer
We Shall Practice Profitable Communication
There Is Great Value In Spiritual Well Being
There Is Great Value In Family Relations
There Should Be Constant Reproduction Of Ministry

Prayer & Spiritual Care

24 Hours - 7 Days A Week

 Our 15 Fundamental Truths